Vancouver Airport Authority

Description: A design-build 35,000 sq. ft. office complex to be completed at the end of February 2015, built in a collaborative approach with the owner and our design-build team. The building houses 5 Airport Authority departments consisting of Engineering Projects, Engineering Services, Environment, YVR Project Management Ltd. and the  Maintenance Transition Team. The space consists of offices, meeting rooms, large open workstation spaces, lunch room, washrooms and storage/copy/library rooms. The building construction consists of a  concrete raft slab foundation, pre-engineered building, efficient HVAC system with VAV's for every space, LED lighting and high end commercial finishes, will be completed on an aggressive eight month schedule and on budget.

Location: Richmond, BC

Phoenix Heliflights

Description: A 7,000 sq. ft. helicopter hangar facility complete with offices. Completed 2001. A 19,000 sq. ft. helicopter maintenance facility with 2nd floor. Completed 2011

Location: Fort McMurray, AB

Shell Aerocentre - Vancouver

Description: A 95,000 sq. ft. Vancouver Flight Centre including a 20,000 sq. ft. three storey office building and 75,000 sq. ft. five aircraft hangar facility.

Location: Vancouver, BC

Shell Aerocentre - Victoria

Description: A 90,000 sq. ft. Flight Centre including a tw0-stoey flight base operators office facility and three hangars.

Location:  Victoria, BC

YVR Temporary Terminal Building - Olympics

Description: The full construction and fit-out of this 46,000 sq. ft. remote terminal facility was completed within 120 days for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Location: Vancouver, BC